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School Council

Cayton School have representatives from both KS1 and KS2 to discuss important matters and improvements their class would like to make at the school. They are each voted in as part of a democracy and this links with British Values. Each half term, the theme is linked with our PSHE Jigsaw Scheme which our DSL, Mrs Wood, has championed for the school. Mrs Draper runs school council and meetings take place fortnightly. 


The aims of the School Council

To help make school a safe, happy and fun place to learn and to feel valued.

To work in partnership with all adults in the school.

To make sure every child has a voice.

To help teach us about democracy, teamwork and good citizenship.


The role of a School Councillor:

To work as a team to make school a place where we feel valued.

To listen to all suggestions and consider carefully how this might improve our school.

To attend and participate in School Council meetings.

To share information from meetings with children in our class.




School Council meet every other Wednesday or Thursday assembly time.

September, Week 1 (minutes)

Hello and welcome new school council members! You have been voted in and have received your book (to be kept in your drawer) and, of course, your School Council badge. Older pupils (Years 5 and 6) can help KS1 each session. First, let’s get to know each other and say our names followed by our favourite food or colour!

-We discussed improving the school and goals for the year that each council member had. Remember- keep listening to your classmates and sharing ideas. 

Minutes 21/09/23

We talked about two new ideas- Year 5 suggested that we write to NYCC about our school menu for some changes (to be discussed another week after we speak to Mr Vasey about Healthy Schools) and Year 3 suggested that we design new things e.g. wooden owls for the forest school area.

Mrs Monaghan asked us to also look at a design for a 'buddy bench' and we discussed wellbeing monitors and what their role would be in school. We also designed a bird table for Mrs Clough (my dad has been making things out of wood for our school library area). Here are some of our designs:                                                                                    

Minutes of meetings

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