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Personal Development

At Cayton, we strive to prepare students for their future as responsible citizens, willing  to make a positive contribution to society with an appreciation of diversity and a respect for British Values and equality. We provide a wide number of rich and varied experiences and opportunities through our curriculum to develop talents, interests and an individuals cultural capital. 

We recognise that it is important that our students know how to keep themselves safe and how to care for both their mental and physical wellbeing whilst they also develop personal traits, and virtues that will motivate and guide our students to flourish in their community and in society, with confidence and resilience.

This focus on Personal Development and Character Education are all promoted through our bespoke curriculum with a focus on our six areas of awards: Courage, Achievement, Your Actions, Tolerance, Our World and Nurturing. 

British Values



CCCCC - Cayton Cultural, Capital, Citizenship and Community Passport

At Cayton School, we want to provide every child with the curriculum opportunities beyond the academic, ensuring they have access to a wide, rich set of experiences. We have created a passport (CCCCC) where we provide cultural development experiences where children participate and respond positively to artistic, musical, sporting and cultural opportunities throughout their time at Cayton School. Please see some examples here....

Forest Schools

At Cayton School, every child has access to Forest School each half term. We have a carefully designed forestry area that our pupils work in and tend to. They complete a range of activities such as identifying trees from leaves and features, artwork using natural resources and inspiration from their surroundings and den building including outdoor exploration.

Beach School

As we are fortunate enough to be a short distance from Cayton Bay, we established a beach school in the 2023/24 year. Activities to explore our local surroundings are included in the programme and similar to Forest School, it gives the children the opportunity to become immersed in their locality and appreciate its beauty. 

Cookery Suite

In addition to our DT cookery lessons, we have extra sessions for all children to experience working in kitchens to make seasonal and healthy option foods. These are completed with Mrs Wilson are all children have access to this throughout the year. In the lessons, children learn about safety, hygiene and healthy choices when working in a kitchen.

Healthy Schools

At Cayton School we have been awarded the Healthy Schools Silver Award. We are now working towards the Gold Award by the Summer of 2024.

We have successful provisions in 'Active Lives', this is ensuring pupils are physically active throughout the week. They take part in, at least 2 hours of PE, a daily mile and also have access to a range of extra-curricular sports.

Our 'Food Culture' has grown significantly, ensuring pupils have healthy and balanced lunches and morning snacks. Pupils also take part in termly cookery curriculum lessons and have the opportunity to attend our extra-curricular cookery club. 

In Cayton School, PSHE and mental health and wellbeing initiatives run through the curriculum and are taught weekly, through assemblies and class based lessons. This ensures pupils understand key aspects of each area and feel confident to talk about their feelings.