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E-safety Information


Cayton Primary School has successfully established a robust culture of e-safety that has ensured both pupils and staff feel safe and confident while utilising the internet and various devices. The school has implemented a comprehensive e-safety program that has effectively created a safe and secure environment for all users. With the increasing use of technology in our daily lives, it is essential to equip pupils with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the internet safely and responsibly.

Cayton Primary School has taken a proactive approach to this issue, with a curriculum that educates pupils on the dangers of the internet and how to use it safely. Additionally, the school has implemented various measures, such as internet filtering and monitoring, to ensure that pupils are not exposed to inappropriate content. The school's commitment to e-safety has undoubtedly created a safer and more secure learning environment for all pupils and staff. 

Online Help Buttons

The buttons below are links to report inappropriate content online and help to support children with dealing with issues they face when using devices. 

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Useful documents for parents and pupils

Monitoring and Filtering

Parents can be reassured that at Cayton School we employ the highest quality filtering and monitoring systems to mitigate the risks of our children’s online safety. The school uses NYC Smoothwall, as its filtering system, employing a continuously updated series of keywords and watchwords to filter the content of the internet from any of the machines within the school system. Although no system is perfect, this has provided the highest quality of control on internet provision in school.


All school devices are part of the school’s ‘Smoothwall’ system. The system monitors keyboard entry and reports key words and watch words as they are typed on any child’s keyboard. This provides real time and highly effective monitoring of all users on the school system. We receive a daily alert, with IP addresses and reason for the alert, which is then recorded and followed up by the Office Manager, Headteacher and DSL. All breaches are reported to the Governing Board. This should provide parents and carers with confidence that their children’s experience of the online world is safe and backed up by a broad curriculum of online safety guidance.

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Age 5-7 e-safety video

Age 8-11 e-safety video

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