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About Cayton

Our Mission Statement

To deliver the highest educational standards enabling all children and adults to grow, learn and work together in a caring atmosphere where laughter, respect, trust and harmony are highly valued.

Our Educational Aims

  • To help children to develop lively, enquiring and creative minds

  •  To foster and develop self-confidence and self-esteem

  •  To help children acquire knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to adapt to a rapidly changing world

  • To provide a happy, secure, purposeful environment where learning experiences will be both challenging and stimulating

  • To develop an inclusive curriculum that will foster relevant thinking, communication and information skills using supportive technologies

  • To help children understand and respect religious, spiritual and moral values in a multicultural society showing tolerance of other groups, races, ways of life and points of view

  • For adults and children to take pride in their immediate environment and to understand and contribute to the care of the community in which they live and work

  • To foster friendship & respect regarding all within the school community of equal importance

  • To encourage parents and school to work together to educate and care for the whole child

  • To build & develop positive attitudes through hard work, commitment and self discipline to maximise achievement

Where is Cayton School?

The school is situated on the outskirts of the seaside resort of Scarborough on the East Coast of Yorkshire. It serves the catchment area of Cayton, Osgodby, Lebberston and Gristhorpe, although children come to us from other areas too.

If your child is about to join us for the first time, we welcome you warmly as parents and look forward to a happy and successful association over the coming years. If you already have a child in our school, we are pleased to renew the links between us. Clearly, as a parent, this is an important time for you. Choosing a school is an important milestone in any family’s history. There will be many fears, thoughts, questions and hopes that you carry at this time.
Why choose Cayton School?
First of all I can assure you that every effort will be made by ALL the staff in school to produce a happy and secure atmosphere in school with mutual respect shown by everyone in our school family.
           Secondly, we strive to create a learning environment where every child is able to reach their full potential and develop their personalities. We attempt to achieve the very best for your children in educational, moral, spiritual and physical development. Confidence in a good school comes from knowing and understanding what happens within it.
           We hope that through class assemblies, educational and social functions you will soon get to know the members of our school team. 

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