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Covid-19 Information

Critical workers

School remains open to critical worker children throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. If you think you are eligible for places for your children, please contact the admin team to submit your request. 

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In school procedures

At Cayton Primary School the safety and well-being of our children and staff is a priority.  

All children should continue to adhere to the principles outlined in the Behaviour Policy.  

In particular, children and adults should respect the revised day to day expectations of the class ‘bubbles’ and wider school and adhere to the following:


- children should follow the revised rules and expectations for entering and exiting the school site

- children should stay in their own rooms unless directed otherwise

- children should only interact with others in their own ‘group’ throughout the school day

- children should only use their designated entrance and exits to the school building

- children should stay at their own desks unless directed otherwise

- children should obey social distancing rules at all times, in and out of the class ‘group’

- children should follow hygiene rules, including washing hands when asked to throughout the day


Be aware of, and follow, expected Self-Care and Health needs


- children should inform an adult if they feel unwell and they have any Covid-19 symptoms (symptoms will be shared with children). Staff to inform SLT immediately and the child will be quarantined in the designated area (ICT suite). If they need the toilet, they are to use the designated toilet. School will follow Government Guidance.


- children should use their own box of tissues when sneezing or coughing and dispose of in a lidded bin


- children should only go to the toilet areas one at a time and thoroughly (at least 20 seconds) wash their hands after use


- children should only use their own resource packs, not interfering or touching any other resources or equipment


- all items used in the class ‘group’ should be cleaned and sanitised after use e.g. lunchtimes and end of school day


- children should only use their own water bottles and eat/drink their own food. No sharing is allowed


- children will not bring any additional items into school other than lunch boxes, drinks, clothing and sun cream (when applicable and only if they can apply it themselves)


In the unfortunate event of misbehaviour, children will be given clear, explicit warnings and reminders of appropriate choices by staff in their ‘group’. If, following this, behaviours do not improve, SLT will be contacted and a member of the SLT will discuss the behaviour with the child.


In the event there are recurring incidents which pose a risk to children and staff, parents will be contacted to discuss the matter.


If any adverse behaviours take place that could affect the health or safety of individual children or staff, then an individual risk assessment may be completed to review the safety of that child in school site during the pandemic restrictions.


Spitting, physical attacks, refusal to comply with Health and Safety/ social distancing requirements that could heighten the risk of harm to others could result in exclusion.

Remote learning

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For the children learning at home, we are providing home-learning through our learning platform - Class Dojo. In the document below, you will find all the information for the provision we have in place if you are home-schooling. 

Covid-19 Catch-up Funding

Follow the link to access our Covid-19 Catch-up Funding Report and how we are using the funding to support children's learning at Cayton.

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