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Welcome to the EYFS Class page. Your teachers this year will be Mrs Oliver and Ms Forrest. In EYFS, our aim is to provide a warm and caring environment whereby  your child has a love for learning that will continue throughout their education. We will ensure your child has the best start to their learning experience at Cayton School.  We will be giving your child all the skills they will need to be a confident and independent learner, it will be a a time for your child to shine. We plan our activities around your child and ensure they are at the heart of everything we do.  We cannot wait to see what the year ahead brings and we are really looking forward to sharing all these precious moments with you. 

Year overview

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

What are we learning about?

Totally Awesome Tales!!

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Welcome to Reception!

Over the course of this half term we will continue to spend time with your children supporting them to settle into school life. The theme for this half term will be 'Totally Awesome Tales." We will continue to foster a love for reading, looking at a variety of books, some traditional tales, fiction and non-fiction. We will be learning about different celebrations such as Bon fire Night, Diwali and Christmas. We will find out about key historical events and why and how we celebrate today? Remembrance Day, Christmas Day, Diwali. Ask questions, use different sources to find answers including books. Children will have the opportunity to explore different cultures and begin to recognise that people have different beliefs and celebrate special times in different ways. We will start to recognise some similarities and differences between life in this country and life in other countries.

Autumn 2


During the Autumn 2 term Receptions' topic will ‘Totally Awesome Tales.’ We aim to foster a love of learning for all the children. 

Over the course of this half term we will be exploring the possible themes of Autumn, Bonfire Night, Fire Services, Diwali and Christmas. Within Early Years we love to use a variety of books to support and develop children’s learning. Some of the Books we will look at are Owl Babies, It was a Cold, Dark Night, Rama and Sita, Dear Father Christmas and Dogger’s Christmas. ​

Within literacy we will continue to develop their phonics knowledge and love of reading. We will be starting level 3 phonics the first week back. We will be working hard on learning our level 3 sounds and introducing more diagraphs and trigraphs within this level.  There will be a greater focus on developing our oral blending and segmenting of simple words. As a class we will continue with our small group reading sessions. We will continue to explore more books and learn the skills we need to become confident readers. Children will enjoy learning new rhymes, songs and poems linked to Charanga and Poetry Basket. Within our writing we will be working hard on developing the children’s pencil grip and encouraging them to mark make and draw using increasing control. Children will develop their skills to orally spell VC words such as of and up and CVC words such as hat, map and bug. We will be working hard to ensure children can write their own name and form these letters correctly.

 Within number this half term we will be focusing on representing 1,2,3, comparing numbers 1,2,3. We will look at the composition of these numbers and the formation. We will introduce circles and triangles and ensure the children know the correct vocabulary to use when describing and comparing these shapes. We will also be concentrating on positional language.​ Within the second half of the term we will introduce the number four and start to explore 1 more and 1 less. We will also introduce the concept of time, we will do this by focusing on Night and Day.


Within PE this half term there will be 2 main focusses for the children. On Wednesdays they will be working on dynamic balance to agility. This will be taught through jumping and landing. They will also be developing their seated balance techniques. On Fridays the focus will be dance. 

​Our PSED theme this half term is 'Celebrating Differences' The knowledge skills we will be looking at are:

Knowing what being proud means and that people can be proud of different things. Knowing that people can be good at different things. Knowing what being unique means and that families can be different. The children will explore and know that people have different homes and why they are important to them. We will also identify feelings associated with being proud and identify things they are good at. Children will be able to vocalise success for themselves and about others successes. They will identify some ways they can be different and the same as others and recognise similarities and differences between their family and other families. We will introduce new vocabulary such as; Different, Special, Proud, Friends, Kind, Same, Similar, Happy, Sad, Frightened, Angry, Family, Unique


Dates for the Diary

17th November – Children in Need. Theme this year is 'Wellbeing and Spots.' Keep a look out for further information.

21st November EYFS/Year1 Phonics Workshop @330pm.

4th December Ladybird Class Celebration Assembly @915am.

14th December Ladybird Class Nativity Performance @ 10am.

20th December Class Christmas Party.

21st December Christmas Lunch

22nd December Whole School Panto

Book and Bun form 2pm

School Closes for Christmas.

Topics and Themes:

Autumn 1 - All About Me!

Autumn 2 - Totally Awesome Tales.

Spring 1- Amazing Animals!

Spring 2- People Who Help Us!

Summer 1 -Terrific Travels.

Summer 2 - Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!



Wednesday: PE (bags stay in school and are sent home when necessary)

Friday: PE and School Library day

Please can full PE kits be in School the first week back. 

Book bags must be sent into school each day.

Star of the day!!

Each day two children will be chosen to be our Star of the Day. This will be for a child who has tried hard all day and has been helpful and kind to others. At the end of the day their will be a chance to be Star of the Week.


These are motivational awards that the children respond well too. They will receive a special sticker and a small treat.


Children will have the opportunity to cook and bake over this half term. We ask for a voluntary contribution of £2.00 to cover the cost of cooking and other materials that we will need in Reception such as ingredients for playdough.

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Tapesty Guides

Please find below the guides for using Tapestry and the link that will take you to the website.

New EYFS Framework. September 2021: A guide for relatives. The 7 areas of learning: A guide for relatives.

Using Tapestry in Reception: A Guide for parents.



Please find below the guides and information for the Reception Baseline Assessment. 

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