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Quality of Education

At Cayton, we want our children to become life-long learners and develop a natural curiosity about the world around them. Our curriculum offer is designed to explore all abilities and learning styles to enable children to find their own way and place in their lives and to persevere and have the courage to challenge themselves with new thinking. 

School Curriculum Statement


To read our School Curriculum Statement, please click the link below.

Anchor 1

Phonics Curriculum Details


Curriculum Coverage (National Curriculum)


Please find below the links for the curriculum coverage details for each class.

Curriculum Details (Curriculum on a page)


Please find below the links for the curriculum details for each class over the year. Please note that these will be added and adapted throughout the year so may be missing at times. 

Autumn 1

Summer 1 - Coming soon!

Summer 2 

Subject Progression Maps


Curriculum Documents 


Some progression maps are still being developed and will be available shortly.


If you require more information about the school curriculum, please contact


Curriculum information Documents

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